What are your standards to pick a Rishta? Rishta Online

What are your standards to pick a Rishta?

The issue of today’s generation is not that they don’t have options in choosing life partners but it is the other way around. In fact, the option-box is littered with choices for which we are thankful to instant digital communication which has made pickings life partner task anarduous one. Preferences to choose a wife or husband are shaken due to formidable influence of pseudo ideals created by media. Universal ideals can never be changed. Truth is identical in every race and color so are the criteria to prefer the person for a life to spend with.

There are same criteria for both only priority matters.Let’s discuss what should be the ideal parameters to choose a Pakistani bride and Pakistani groom particularly in Pakistan.

Ideal criteria to choose wife

1. Modesty: This may seem traditional and an orthodox to you but in true sense modesty is Ourat ka zevar. So, prefer her for modesty over other shallow standards

2. Education: As women have to prepare next generation and her lap is considered first ilam ka Gehwara for a child. Every bride is a mother in future. So, prefer her on the parameters of education

3. Hasb Nasb: Hasb Nasb is important but comes on third rank to be preferred for women. It determines the moralities and manners. There is no concept of discrimination on creed and race grounds but on the other hand it does matter

4. Appearance; Beauty is but an inch-deep ocean: Appearance is rated highly while selecting bride. Her beauty is the last and first parameter to decide her future and fate. But one must consider the fact that beauty is subjective and lies in the personality and in her character.

5. Humanity: You must be surprised that why in case of women, humanity is not subject to priority. Let me unfold the truth that women on psychological grounds are more humane and soft hearted naturally.

6. Financial health (family wealth): Rich women are not suitable to get married with. Trust me for a while. Not because her being less than man financially presume her subjugation but just because it is not worth a standard to be judged upon.

Ideal criteria to choose Husband

In case of selecting men, criteria are same but just priority

1. Substance (job) and Potential of growth: Men must be preferred who earns well and have a spark to grow out further no matter whatever his field is.

2. HasbNasb: It includes men instinct, conscience, ethics and morals. who possess such qualities is preferable?

3. Humanity: This is the characteristics which is highly recommended as a kind-hearted man is way better than a man who is just a degree holder

4. Education: Education is not just having a degree. It does matter but it should be ranked in secondary preferences  to select a husband

5. Appearance: Handsomeness does not matter in both case as Rishtay are made with souls not with pretty faces. So, women hold the horses and choose wisely

6. Financial health (family wealth): This means property of forefathers which does not matter at all to judge one’s personality on. If he has some then take it as bonus.

Article Credits: Rishta Online

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