Emotions are savior of relationship; Hearts, not the Brain

Emotions are savior of relationship; Hearts, not the Brain

Marriages (shaadi) have no fertile grounds to stand on. They are fragile in nature. They are established on the moral and emotional grounds. If not watered with care, love and compassion and only argued with rationality, then it can die of cold death. Being emotional is not bad state to stay in specially when you are in a relationship. Usually women are the target of mockery for being emotional but in true sense it is because of women emotions that the universe is stable. If you extract emotions from the substance of universe then left over is just logic which is non-conducive for human to live.

To save relationship one of the parties must avoid rational logical questioning and argument. Some of the tips are listed below which can minimize the effect of estranged relationship between the two.

No Argument

It is natural that everyone has instinct to be liked and not to be crossed argued. It is not always good but in a relationship no argue or less argue is the key to success. One must understand that only emotional solution can win you the consent of your partner.

Anger vs Smile

Anger is a natural phenomenon. Anger must not be answered with anger because it only escalates the tension. Hot should be stroke with cold to cancel the effects of and make the element neutral. Same theory could be applied on couples and anger and tension can be answered with emotional tools such as smile or an attitude of compassion and sympathy.

Be Emotional

You must wear little emotional mood all the time to avoid the strength of serious conflicts between you two. It’s not possible that two people with different opinion stay happily all the time. It is most likely that with the passage of time relationship go silent, deeper and colder. Only emotions can save your relation from going into deepen silence.

Asian culture is already considered traditional constructed on the premises of emotions. That is why a rate to hold relation longer is higher in south Asia than in Europe.  In Pakistan Rishtay are sacred and are given importance on moral grounds. You also practice this hypothesis and live a happy life.

Article Credits: Online Rishta


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